NorthLink’s New Shirts

During Fairtrade Fortnight in March this year, FT introduced Peter Hutchinson of NorthLink Ferries to Andy Ashcroft, who runs Koolskools, a company that sources ethical clothing.   Andy was visiting the North East with Pamela L’Intelligent, a machinist from Mauritius, who told many audiences her story of how Fairtrade had helped her to escape poverty.                   Andy was able to help Peter source smart new polo shirts for the ferry company, made from Fairtrade cotton and sporting the Fairtrade logo.  The shirts are being introduced for the ferry staff and, as you can see, Peter is modelling one here.  I don’t think they make them in FT’s size.

If you would like to know more about Fairtrade clothing, have a look at Andy’s corporate website:-

Champions of Fairtrade

Champions of Fairtrade

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5 thoughts on “NorthLink’s New Shirts

  1. Andy at Koolskools says: Delighted to see our Fairtrade cotton/polyester polos reaching the Orkneys courtesy of Peter H and North Link Ferries. Their initiative to embrace Fairtrade cotton workwear is a pioneering one, and we hope that their vision will rub off on other UK corporates in time. I know that Pamela in Mauritius will be delighted at the news! Do please also take a look at our schools website,
    Right, as I like a challenge, clearly my next task is to talk to the factory in Mauritius about manufacturing a special size polo for FT Banana. Watch this space!!!


    • He will no doubt be delighted to wear a polo, Andy. I will send you his vital statistics when he comes back from his travels: I expect he will be a trifle portly after all that high living.


  2. Oh dear, yes I did mean FT. I hope Peter didn’t think I was casting aspersions on his weight😦


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