After the journey

Why did FT go on his journey?   Well, way back on my first post, you may recall I asked if you knew  when Aberdeen became a Fairtrade city?    The answer is 2004.  In the time since then, we have done so many things to try and spread awareness of Fairtrade and to encourage many more people to buy and use the products.   But the award was to the people of Aberdeen, not just the Steering Group, not just the council, nor the churches,  nor Aberdeen for a Fairer World, the local Fair Trade organisation.  We wanted to find a way of reaching more of the people of Aberdeen and  FT Banana’s journey, however barmy it may seem, has reached more readers than any of our other efforts at raising the profile of Fairtrade.

There are lots of ways that you can support Fairtrade and you can read about some of them in our City Pledge scheme here

NorthLink Ferries is a good example of a business that is really making efforts to raise awareness of Fairtrade by using the products wherever possible and by supporting the city’s Fairtrade events and publicity.   Perhaps you know of others and also of churches, schools and shops that are taking their own Fairtrade journey.   FT Banana would love to do some more visiting, if so.

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